The Agii Pantes is a village in the prefecture of fokidas province Doridas. It consists of three settlements in the East and West Beach. It is 12 km from Galaxidi and belongs to "Kallikrates" municipality of Delphi, based in Amfissa. It has a population of 388 inhabitants and an area of 22,096 acres weighted average altitude of 56 meters.

The nickname Vidavi lasted until the early 30's when it was renamed All Saints, from the homonymous church in the middle of two chronologically older settlements of East and West.


How to get to Agii Pantes


By road

By bus: There is regular bus service with KTEL busses from Athens to Amfissa, Itea, Delfi, and Galaxidi. Also, from Patras and Thessalonica to Amfissa.

By car: You can get to Amfissa by car.

The distance from Athens is 223 Km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 399 Km.
The distance from Patras is 70 Km.
The distance from Itea is 29 Km.
The distance from Galaxidi is 12 Km.
The distance from Delphi is 49 Km.
The distance from Araxova is 57 Km.

By air:The nearest airport is in Arax which is 79 km



Interesting sights

The archeological site of Delphi

Delphi also known as the "Navel of the Earth" was an ancient Greek city that served the most important oracle in the ancient world. The city is mentioned in the Homeric times called Pytho.

The temple of Apollo

Situated at the center of the site, the temple of Apollo is the most important monument of it. The temple housed the statues of the god as well as numerous votive offerings. It is here that took place various celebrations and the ritual of oracle giving.

The treasury of the Athenians

The Treasury of the Athenians not only was one of the most important buildings of the sacred place of Apollo; it was also a very impressive building, situated on Iera Odos (the “Sacred Way”), just beside the “bouleuterion” (the seat of the senate of the town of Delphi).

The sacred way

The Sacred Way was the route that visitors followed within the sacred precinct, from the entrance up to the altar of the Chians. This way had a ritual character: on the ninth day of each month, visitors seeking the advice of the oracle, the “theopropoi” as they were called, had to walk uphill along the Sacred Way until they reached the altar at the top.

The ancient theatre of Delphi

The theater of Delphi is one of the best known theaters in Greece, as we know both the exact date when it had been constructed, its design, the shape of the cavea and all the changes it underwent throughout its history. The theater is situated at the northwest of the temple of Apollo, just after the surrounding wall of it.

The Castalia spring

Castalia was a sacred spring at Delphi and its water played a very important role to the cult and ritual of the oracle. It is there that Pythia and the priests and the rest of the staff of the temple were washed; they also used the water of this spring for the cleaning of the temple.

The ArchAeological Museum of dELPHI

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is one of the most important and interesting museums of Greece. It presents the long history of the site, famous throughout antiquity for the temple and oracle of Apollo. The collections of the museum depict in the best way the ritual, cultural and social activities of the sanctuary from the 8th century b.C. that it was established until the Byzantine times when it declined.

Alternative tourism

Parnassos Ski Center

Parnassos ski center is 57 km from the Saints and has 19 tracks, 7 ski trails, 10 trails and three mini beginner slopes all around total length of 36 kilometers. The tracks are long descent from 50 m to 4 km for beginners, advanced skiers and snowboarders. For the adventurous, there are 12 off-piste "black" tracks with deep snow and lots and lots of adrenaline. The Center is known for the high security facilities, machinery, and generally function well.

Climbing - Hiking

Parnasos, Giona and Vardousia are of the most beautiful and suitable mountains of Greece for the lovers of climbing and hiking. They can be crossed from the E u r o p e a n pathway E4. Climbers can stay in climbing Shelter Municipal Regions.
A unique experience of 12 km. hiking is offered by the R e k a gorge, begging from the top of Giona until the plain of Viniani. The vertical slopes rising at an important height and the changing landscape, in combination with the waters running from three springs, lend a wild beauty and make the gorge an interesting place for climbing, scientific observation and environmental education.


The mountains of Fokida are an excellent natural environment for wild preys, both hairy (hog, hare) and winged (mountain partridge, woodcock etc.), which the hunters may hunt whenever and wherever hunting is allowed.


The long seacoasts, which give on to the Corinthian gulf, are perfect for surface and undersea fishing.

Parnassos National Park

In the "heart" of Parnassos there is a National Park bearing the same name and covering 9.000 acres. It is the 2nd National Park founded in the country in 1938 in one of the 9 national parks existing today in Greece. The visitor, among the rich flora, will admire the endemic species "Peonia tou P a r n a s s o u" and the famous Cave of Apollo - "Kirokio Cave". Speleologists will try to explore the famous Karkaro - "Eptastomos", a cave with seven openings, where, according to the latest scientific researches, is the most southern glacier in Europe 70 m. deep.


Fokida with this morphology, is an ideal destination for paragliding. The existence of so many mountains, combined with the sea and the topography, creating ideal conditions for gliding throughout the year and not only during the warm months. The above combination gives pilots landscapes and images of unparalleled beauty as well as flying over the mountains of Phocis provides permanent sea of the Corinthian Gulf and Lake Mornos. In Phocis one can find many different places takeoff.

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